2020's Pink October campaign for GE Healthcare Brazil and LATAM. The idea was to empower women and her supporting network to take care of each other and prevent breast cancer.

– My role: Art Direction, Designer, Motion
Creative Director: André Bercelli CW: Izabella Andrade • Manfesto motion: Lyvia Nishimura AV: Thiago Ramos • Producer: Camila Pires • Planner: Julia Giglio e Stella Antoniassi
Key Visual
Balls and circles
The circle brings an idea of ​​a continuous cycle (prevention is routine) and each ball represents one of the pillars of the PREVENT | DETECT | TAKE CARE. The circle also represents the protection around the woman.

Irregular lines
The lines at the back represent the inside of the human body and also is a reference to the images generated in the exam results. Bringing the idea that we must look inside ourselves.

Representation and duotone
The female figures look ahead, like warriors ready for the battle. The duotone gives the piece a modern tone, widely used nowadays.


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